I have heard about his death on a farm while picking oranges. A korean guy told me by his web- enabled phone that he should be dead. I could not believe this story. Seriously? It really sounds like a ridiculous story. But in the evening when I am back home and as I have seen the news it is gone to be true. What the fuck a legend is dead. The King of Pop – Michael Jackson is dead. Game over for me, you and fans all over the world… It seems to me sadly that heads are empty now. That he is almost forgotten just after one year. I do not want to be a moralizer but I want to wake up minds, cause bright minds are still with him and his music for their sake. I am an atheist, I definitely not trust in god. But nevertheless in my credence there is somebody who keeps Michael in heaven and still praise his lovely songs. Peace

2 Antworten auf „tribute

  1. „Pädophile dürfen nicht im Tv singen!!! Kinderficker der eklische. Meiner Meinung nach viel zu spät verstorben!“

    —> das sagte gestern jemand, den wir beide sehr gut kennen…

    Ich habe von seinem Tod im Sage erfahren damals und war auch völlig geschockt.


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